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New Life to Intimate Care

The new and improved Vita range of wash & dry toilets give people a stylish solution to retaining independence and dignity in the bathroom.

Clos-o-Mat, the UK’s leader in helpful toileting at home and away, has applied to the new look Vita range its 56 years of experience of working with people to optimise their hygiene and independence in the bathroom. The Vita range is, the company believes, the most ‘fit for purpose’ collection of wash & dry toilets available in the UK.

It encompasses the top-selling unit of its kind, the Palma Vita, the wall-hung Lima Vita, and the height-adjustable Lima Lifter, all of which look like- and can be used as conventional WCs, but have built-in washing and drying, so eliminate the need to wipe clean.

Now, they feature an updated, more modern, aesthetically pleasing, sweeping design, to compliment even the most contemporary bathroom. The new look is in part achieved using a combination of traditional ceramic, and state of the art plastics that deliver optimum resilience and durability.

The modern aesthetics of the core design are further enhanced by attention to detail. The main skirt is telescopic, to finitely adjust to floor height, whether the toilet is mounted on the floor or raised to the user’s specific height requirement via a range of purpose-designed plinths, and moulded flush levers deliver a more ergonomic appearance.

The new Vita toilets can be fitted with accessories to enable the user to toilet, feeling safe, secure and in control: integrated arm supports, body supports, different seats, operating mechanisms and douche options are available across the range.



The upgrades are not just ‘skin deep’. They are the fruition of major investment in people and technology by Clos-o-Mat.

The Vita toilets are also the only units of their kind that are made in Britain, in the first ceramic factory to be opened in The Potteries for over 25 years, and individually-assembled to order in a dedicated factory in Manchester.

Clos-o-Mat itself is the only wash & dry toilet provider in the country that is British-based. It is also the only company in the sector that has its own team of service engineers. The network now covers the whole country, giving a local, personal touch from initial commissioning to annual servicing, or retro-fitting of accessories to ensure the toilet adapts with changing user requirements.

As a result, Clos-o-Mat Vita range addresses more people’s needs than any other wash & dry toilet on the market. And it does that both at the outset, and as needs change over time.

When we first introduced the Palma Vita, it was the first wash & dry toilet specifically developed for people who needed help with their intimate hygiene,” explains Mark Sadler, Clos-o-Mat sales director. “The latest offering with the new Vita range continues that pioneering, brand-leading approach.

“Everything we do is designed to give people the tools and technology to be as independent as possible, giving due consideration to the very specific stresses and issues that people who may be limited in their mobility face when undertaking something so intensely private and sensitive as going to the loo.”

Total Hygiene (Clos-o-Mat) has more than 40 years experience in providing innovative healthcare products aimed at making the daily lives of less-able or infirm people and their carers a little easier.

In the UK alone over 30,000 Clos-o-Mat automatic WC/shower toilets have been installed in hospitals, nursing homes, schools for the disabled, elderly persons homes, hospices, hotels, further education establishments as well as in the private homes of disabled people.

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