Innov8 Low Bed


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Innov8 Low Bed

The independence innov8 range of hospital beds have been designed to satisfy the needs of both the hospital team and the patient
Specialists in the belds of tissue viability, manual handling, nursing management, medical engineering, procurement and a variety of clinical
disciplines have all played a vital part in developing the evolution of this hospital bed, resulting in one of the most suitable and attractive hospital beds on the market
The outcome of this is a hospital bed which is easy to use, supports world-class infection control, is reliable and easily maintained, and incorporates superb ergonomics from both a manual handling and patient comfort point of view
Choose cantilever, high cantilever or no side rails
Exceptional low height range from 220 to 700mm 
When lowering from the maximum height the bed will travel at full speed until it reaches 42cm at which point it will slow and a short warning alarm will sound to alert the carer that the bed is now travelling lower than a standard bed
The bed can only be positioned at its lowest height with the nurse control panel 12cm under bed clearance for hoist (minimum mattress platform height 40cm)
Electronically operated backrest, height and knee break with battery backup
Trendelenberg, reverse trendelenberg, auto-contour and auto-regression
Auto-cardiac chair position
Simple to use patient handset and nurse control panel
Dual sided CPR levers. IP54 standard ingress protection
Extendable mattress platform length for taller patients
Innov8 night pack illuminates the underside of the bed improving patient safety and security (optional)
3 year warranty (1st year parts & labour, 2nd & 3rd year parts only)

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