Low Air Loss System




 Low Air Loss System

The Dyna-Form€ Low Air Loss system is an effective ‘true’ low-air-loss system designed for patients with sensitive skin and at high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Incorporating a high performance blower, the Dyna-Form Low Air Loss system delivers true low-airloss therapy and excellent microclimate control with an evenly distributed flow of cooling air maintained across the mattress surface to assist in managing the heat and humidity of the skin.
Designed to provide maximum comfort to home care and hospital care patients alike, the Dyna-Form Low Air Loss circulates up to 1000 litres of air per minute through 20 robust yet comfortable nylon/ PU air cells, each featuring a series of specialist low air loss holes and supported by a firm base layer of high quality CMHR foam.

Featuring a range of 8 different pressure settings, the easyto-operate Dyna-Form Low Air Loss pump unit features an Automatic Pressure control function to ensure the required pressure is continually maintained and a special Seat Mode also prevents the mattress from ‘bottoming out’ when used in conjunction with a profiling bed. In the event of emergency CPR being administered a fast release CPR strap immediately releases air from the mattress.

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