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The OT Network operates throughout Ireland and provides a  dynamic platform for information sharing for Occupational Therapists, Medical Equipment Suppliers and the General Public.

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Find an Occupational Therapist


Find an Occupational Therapist anywhere in Ireland covering the various specialist areas of practice.

Find an Equipment Supplier


Browse through the many suppliers of medical and rehabilitation equipment in Ireland.

Housing Grant Directory


Find a contractor for the purpose of the Housing Adaptation Grant or Mobility Aids Grant schemes.

Browse Products in MarketPlace


Browse through the full range of products on offer from medical equipment suppliers throughout Ireland.

We operate a healthcare directory catering for Occupational Therapists in both public and private practice and the General Public, providing up-to-date information on service providers, healthcare professionals & suppliers of medical equipment.

We provide a practice listing for Private Occupational Therapist throughout Ireland, where they can share their contact and practice information. Certain OT listings can also be found on www.AOTI.ie (Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland).

OTnetwork.ie has been developed to quickly and intuitively find the services and products you are searching for. We also provide a host of facilities for Allied Healthcare Professionals, Service Providers and Suppliers, including MarketPlace and Featured Products & Services.

We offer a single-source referral pathway, arranging for the relevant Occupational Therapist to be located efficiently and effectively.  This is an open referral system, available for all to access.

We actively promote private practitioners nationally through partnership with over 100 GP practices, primary care centres, national support agencies & trade shows throughout the Country.

This network functions as a national referral gateway & information sharing service, and maintains a tremendous level of engagement from its members.

We use our social media networks in order to share these referrals with minimal identifiable information shared, therefore protecting the identity of Clients and maintaining a high level of discretion & confidentiality.

MarketPlace is an online store, which provides a platform for suppliers to showcase their products and services. Each product is clearly priced and published alongside other similar products to allow for clear price comparison.

Products may not be purchased on this platform, and instead shoppers are directed to the relevant supplier web page to explore further or purchase directly.

Currently, MarketPlace assists medical equipment suppliers in reaching their target audience through this interactive medium (i.e. website and social media). Certain products published on MarketPlace may also be posted through our social media networks, including LinkedIn & Twitter.

It also provides a dynamic information portal for those purchasing or prescribing equipment, throughout the Country.