Almost 25% of the UK population can go to the toilet in greater comfort and with improved peace of mind, thanks to Clos-o-Mat.

clos-o-mat bariatric palma

Currently, 3% of women and 1+% of men are morbidly obese, and these numbers are predicted to double by 2030.

NHS figures reveal 61% of British adults are overweight, and some 25% are obese – double the number of less than a decade ago. Clos-o-Mat has responded to the massive increase in the prevalence of obesity by making its Palma Vita wash and dry (automatic) toilet even stronger, to the extent it can now take up to 800lb, 363kg or 57stone- more than twice the weight of comparable units!

The standard Palma was already proven in tests to accommodate up to 30 stone – 25% more than even the strengthened version of alternative units: “the floor gave way before the Palma Vita did!” observes Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager.

“Our new Bariatric Palma Vita* means even the morbidly obese can retain independence and dignity when going to the toilet, instead of having to depend on carers to wipe them clean in the areas they physically cannot reach… In addition to all the recognised health issues of being overweight, the excess body mass affects the person’s ability to physically sit on the toilet, and then to effectively wipe themselves clean. We go to the toilet on average of 8 times a day, so the issue is bigger than you think!”

The Palma Vita looks like,  and can be used, as a conventional WC, but has in-built douching and drying processes, eliminating the need to wipe clean with toilet tissue and all the associated manoeuvring and manipulation. It is the only toilet of its kind developed specifically for disabled people, and is now the UK’s biggest selling automatic shower toilet.

Since the first Clos-o-Mat toilet was introduced 50 years ago, over 40,000 have been installed, some of which are still in daily use 30+ years after being fitted…

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