Types of Height Adjustable Baths available

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Height Adjustable Baths offer a range of unique benefits to accommodate both adults and children with disabilities and allow to easy transfers in and out of the bath. Our wide range of height adjustable baths allow the clients the dignity of taking a bath in the comfort of their own home, while also allowing the carer to have the pleasure and convenience of bathing the client at a safe and comfortable working height, helping to reduce the risk of back strain.
Disability Needs Height Adjustable Baths are compatible with most type of hoists including both ceiling track and floor-standing hoists.
Spa, hydro massage and colour therapy with built in audio features are all available to provide a relaxing experience.

Avero Height-Adjustable Bath


The Avero is the latest generation of patient handling baths. Designed to give the maximum internal size with a minimum external dimension of around two metres, giving the client plenty of room to relax and splash about, with an extra four inches of internal width. This unique bath will accommodate all types of internal supports to benefit all your clients needs.This bath can be fitted with a showering, dressing and changing system.
• Powered height adjustment
• Free standing
• Reinforced side rims
• Double thermo insulated tub
• Built-in shower head with two-metre hose
• Thermostatic options with shower
• Compatible with manufacturer’s music system, light therapy system, or air spa system
• Can be fitted with manufacturer’s compatible range of grab handles
• Compatible with manufacturer’s showering, dressing and changing system


Rio Height Adjustable Bath


The Rio Bath is easy to use, reliable and has one of the smoothest height adjustable rail systems on the market, making the Rio supremely stable in any position. As with the other listed height adjustable baths, the Rio will comfortably accommodate all types of internal body supports.
This bath can be fitted with a showering, dressing and changing system.
• Enables bath to be raised/lowered 30cm
• Open area under the bath allowing space for hoists to be used
• Requires 230V mains power supply
• Anti-trap system fitted as standard
• Water Regulations Advisory Scheme approved gantry
• Range of thermostatic valves and mixer tap system
• Sense valve
• Neatfold stretcher
• Knee blocks
• Body support cushions
• Warm air spa system


Kiva Height Adjustable Bath


With access for mobile hoists or ceiling hoists, the Kiva bath comes with a range of different features and options to suit the ever changing needs of the user, from childhood through to adulthood.
This bath can be fitted with a showering, dressing and changing system.
• enables bath to be raised/lowered 30cm
• open area under the bath allowing space for hoists to be used
• requires 230V mains power supply
• knee rests
• body support cushions
• footboard
• air spa
• Neatfold changing system
• thermostatic valve
• internal cushions
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