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Fall Prevention Equipment


The iVi intelligent pendant is a small, lightweight device and like other pendants, the iVi allows the wearer to press a help button to generate an alarm call when they need help from anywhere in their home, 24 hours a day.

The iVi also provides an added layer of protection by automatically generating a call for assistance if a fall is detected and the wearer is unable to push the help button.

Vibby fall detector

The Vibby fall detector is a sleek, contemporary and technologically advanced fall detector which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck.

The Vibby fall detector will automatically raise an alert if it senses the user has fallen, and also enables the wearer to easily call for help manually.


P143C Bed Mat

This is the first choice as it suits most situations provided it is used on top of the mattress. The disadvantages are possible damage to wires, especially if incontinence is an issue. The mat is only suitable for single beds. Typical lifetime of the mat is 1 year.


P144A Bed Leg Weight Sensor

This is ideal for domestic style beds, which are not often moved. It is set by adjusting an internal spring tension for different users and beds will activate an alarm condition when the bed is vacated.

This may not be suitable for small children and very lightweight users. It is applicable for single and double beds and, if required, two sensors can be fitted with king sized beds.

It is robust, highly reliable and discreet. The cables can be securely hidden. It can also be connected directly to nurse call systems.


Chair Occupancy Sensor

The Chair Occupancy Sensor provides real time alerts when a client leaves a chair in order to help prevent falls and also to notify carers of potential issues with wheelchair users. 

The sensor can be used with X10 controllers to turn on lights in order to minimise the risk of falling.


Other Fall Detection Products Include:

The Pressure Mat which can be hardwired to a home unit or speech module or can be used in conjunction with a Universal Sensor to provide a wireless link.

The PEBBELL is a personal tracking device that combines roaming GSM (mobile communication) and GPS (satellite-based navigation) technologies and is the size of a key fob.

It has a fall down monitor and an SOS button for emergences.

SOS Alarms

If the SOS button is pressed it will come through to the Monitoring centre.

Fall Detection

With built-in fall detection, the PEBBELL will automatically send an alert to the monitoring centre without the user needing to press the SOS button.

Real-time location monitoring

The PEBBELL can use its data connection to automatically update its alarm status and location in the online tracking platform.

Smart Power & Splash Proof

Battery life is not wasted when the device is not moving.

Two-way Voice Calls

The PEBBELL can receive incoming calls and initiate Non-emergency calls by using the call button.

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