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With our rapidly ageing population and predicted increase in disability among the elderly, Able Ageing aims to make specialist assessment and rehabilitation accessible to those who need it, when they need it, where they need it. Alan has an ambition to increase awareness in Ireland of the importance of high quality, individualised community care to help mitigate against the health risks of older adulthood, improve quality of life and decrease the need for acute hospital admission and long term care. My areas of specialty include comprehensive geriatric assessment, driving assessment, falls assessment and rehabilitation, seating and postural management, home equipment & adaptations and Dementia Care.

Verified OT Badge
Verified Occupational Therapist

BA (Hons), MSc

OT Verification Policy

The Badge of Verification is a form of validation to indicate to the consumer, that the services provided by the Occupational Therapist have satisfied our approvals procedure.

The badge offers those seeking Occupational Therapy services, a greater level of confidence regarding compliance with standard requirements.

This badge, when displayed on a member’s profile, indicates the following assurances have been declared by that member:


  • Valid qualification to practice
  • Tax compliance
  • Adequate insurance cover
  • Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct compliant
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Free of previous conviction or bankruptcy


Alan Forrey

ReAble Programme

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Specialist Dementia Care

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Driving Assessment

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Posture & Seating

Able Ageing have additional qualifications in specialist seating and years of clinical experience in complex postural assessment and management.

Covering: Galway, Mayo & Clare

Address: Bluebell Woods, Oranmore, Co. Galway

Phone: 091 734 144 / 083 168 2757

Email: alan@able-ageing.ie