About Me

Housing Adaptation Grant & Housing Assessments; Seating/Wheelchair Assessment; Adult Neurology (with a special interest in progressive neurology) & Medicolegal reports.

Verified OT Badge
Verified Occupational Therapist


OT Verification Policy

The Badge of Verification is a form of validation to indicate to the consumer, that the services provided by the Occupational Therapist have satisfied our approvals procedure.

The badge offers those seeking Occupational Therapy services, a greater level of confidence regarding compliance with standard requirements.

This badge, when displayed on a member’s profile, indicates the following assurances have been declared by that member:


  • Valid qualification to practice
  • Tax compliance
  • Adequate insurance cover
  • Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct compliant
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Free of previous conviction or bankruptcy


Geraldine Foley

Covering: Dublin

Address: 18 Fairways Green, Glasnevin, Dublin 11.

Phone: 01 8646591; Mobile: 086 8049125

Email: geraldinefoley63@gmail.com