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Natalie Halloran is an Occupational Therapist whose main area of practice involves working with children and families. She has 12 years experience as an Occupational Therapist and began her career in King’s College Hospital London following graduation from Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK. Natalie is experienced in the field of intellectual disability and currently practices as a Private Clinician, providing community based services in a wide variety of settings including schools. Natalie specialises in supporting children in mainstream settings, providing comprehensive assessments and individual treatment programmes for use by and with children, families and teachers. Find Natalie on Facebook ‘Occupational Therapy Services’

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Natalie Halloran

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OT Talk | Bilateral Coordination

OT Talk | Bilateral Coordination

Bilateral Coordination OT Talk The ability to use both sides of the body in the performance of a task isn’t something that would often occur to typically functioning individuals. It seems natural to roll the rolling pin with both hands, or hold the jar in one hand...

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Therapeutic Yoga – healing and reaching potential

Therapeutic Yoga – healing and reaching potential

Therapeutic Yoga | Healing & Reaching Potential OT Yoga Photograph by Matthew Kane via Unsplash I have been introducing Therapeutic Yoga into my work with children and have found it amazing.  Connecting with kids with through breathing, sound and mindfulness has...

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Getting To The Core – Why Core Stability Counts … a lot

Getting To The Core – Why Core Stability Counts … a lot

    Many parents may already have identified that their child may have low core strength.  Core strength is central to everything we do and impacts on all areas of development.  What are some of the symptoms? We may find that a child may not be able to sit...

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