Z-Wave Piper Home Monitor & Security


Piper is a combination of a HD capable IP camera, a Z-Wave gateway, a temperature sensor, a light sensor, a siren, speech input and speech output and a motion detector.

Superior HD Camera
Temperature, Humidity, Sound and Ambient Light Sensors
Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Extensive Z-Wave Connectivity
App for iOS and Android


Meet the Popular Home Automation System Now With NightVision

PiperNV is an advanced version of the popular Piper model that redefines security, home automation, and intelligent sensor monitoring, with its superior nightvision technology, HD recording capabilities and integrated connectivity.

The nifty piece of hardware allows you to monitor occupants movements even under low lighting, watch live footage in HD resolution, monitor temperature inside your home, trigger burglar alarms and communicate with plethora of other Z-Wave devices.

PiperNV is an smart upgrade for users, who wanted a fully-stacked solution for controlling and securing their home.

It comes with a fully stacked app for iOS and Android devices that allows you take control of your home, even while you are at work or on a vacation. Using the app, users can receive real-time alerts and take action based on the gathered insights. The device comes in two colour variants- Black and White.

PiperNV - Catch Action in Realtime

Catch all the Action in HD

PiperNV comes with an improved 3.4 MP Fisheye Camera that spans across vertical and horizontal fields to let you monitor all the action in high-definition. The crisp and clear video streaming captures wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-ceiling footage of your home. You can pan, zoom and even capture a panoramic view of the footage, right from your smartphone.

Superior Night Vision

The NV in PiperNV stands for nightvision. PiperNV is designed specifically to deliver superior low-light intruder tracking and keep a check on suspicious activities inside your home, especially at night.

PiperNV’s nightvision technology can accessed either through the smartphone app or can be configured to remotely trigger alerts.

PiperNV - Detect Motion and Sound
PiperNV - Detect Motion and Sound

Detect Motion and Sound

PiperNV provides full-proof motion and sound detection mechanism ensures that you get the right alerts about your home, whenever and wherever you need it.

Use PiperNV to keep track of suspicious activities, or monitor your kids while you are at work, or take decisive action whenever an intrusion occurs.

Track Pet Movements

PiperNV has intelligent movement sensing camera can monitor the activity of pet in your home and send customized alerts or notifications only when necessary.

PiperNV helps you focus on getting your work done, while taking care of your pet, and lets you take quick decisive actions.

PiperNV - Track Pet Movements<
PiperNV - Configurable the Way You Want it

Configurable the Way You Want it

PiperNV comes with three pre-configured security modes- Home, Away and Vacation. Change the functioning of the whole system based on your personal preferences, and take control the way you want it.

So, you are on vacation, and want to get notified every time your door/window sensor detects a movement? It is just as easy as toggling a button.

Intelligent Environment Monitoring

PiperNV comes with inbuilt temperature and humidity sensors monitor the weather inside your home in real-time. Configure PiperNV to intelligently notify your thermostat or air-conditioner/heater to control the room temperature based on your preferences.

PiperNV - Intelligent Environment Monitoring

Intuitive Light Sensing

PiperNV also comes with an inbuilt ambient sensor that intelligently detects the illumination of your room. Based on the detected light levels, you can configure Piper to communicate with other installed devices in your home like Z-wave switches to automatically adjust your room’s lighting.

Get Help When You Need it

PiperNV comes with a builtin 105 db siren that can be triggered manually through the Panic button on the app, or can be configured to get automatically triggered whenever an intrusion is detected.

PiperNV-- Communicate with other Z-Wave Devices

Extensive Z-Wave Connectivity

PiperNV comes with an powerful in-built Z-Wave controller that is capable of communicating with up to 500 Z-Wave devices.

Pair it up with numerous Z-Wave accessories to create a sophisticated home-automation system that is instantly manageable and trackable through an iOS or Android device.

Safe and Secure

PiperNV uses device authentication and communicates with cloud servers through SSL encryption, thereby making your audio and video streams safe and secure from intruder attacks.

PiperNV-- Safe and Secure

Features & Specifications

  • Camera
    • 3 Megapixels
    • 180 degree view
    • Pan, Tilt, Zoom & Quad-view
  • Audio
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • 105 dB siren
  • Sensors
    • Motion
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Light
    • Sound
  • Power
    • 7.5W AC/DC Wall Adapter (6ft)
    • 3 AA Battery Backup
  • Wireless
    • 802.11 b/g/n
    • Series 500 Z-Wave Controller




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