Ekamove Positioning System


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Ekamove Positioning System

An automatic adjustable 30 degree lateral positioning system with sensor control which can be individually adjusted to cater for the individual needs of the patient or resident in need of care
Whether you require right (R) – back (N) – left (L) or only R-L or L-N positioning Ekamove allows you to respond to your positioning needs
Furthermore, you can select a separate positioning time for each step of the process and thus protect affected areas of the body. all position changes are controlled by a sensor to ensure a high degree of reproducibility throughout the process
Positioning intervals can be transferred to your computer system via a SD card in order to simplify logging
Subsequent analysis of the healing process can therefore be easily conducted and the positioning can be quickly optimised for individual cases
Extensive pressure relief
Complete healing of existing pressure sores
No disturbance at night
Automatic sensor controlled turning process
Saves staff time and protects staff health
Even heavy patients can be re-positioned gently
Versatile – individual programming
Gentle positioning for clients in pain
No disorientation
Ekamove can be used on any healthcare bed that has side rail protection
Full training given and the system is available either on our rental scheme or to purchase

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