Innov8 iQ Hospital Bed


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Innov8 iQ Hospital Bed

The Innov8 iQ high performance ward bed has successfully brought together an in-depth understanding of the changing requirements of the acute sector with state of the art manufacturing and assembly methods

This innovative ward bed achieves the optimum combination of safety, performance, functionality and cost efficiency

The auto regressing backrest reduces patient movement when the backrest is being raised or lowered

The backrest also features an anti-trapping ratchet actuator which prevents any further backrest movement in the event of trapping, remaining in position until the carer is ready to move the bed again with no sudden drop

Blow moulded panels incorporate a series of perforations to accommodate a wide variety of dynamic mattresses

Newly designed linen shelf is easier and smoother in operation, can be operated with one hand

Open and accessible areas with smooth surfaces facilitate ease of cleaning and decontamination

Full accessibility enables steam cleaning

Extremely light weight bed ensures ease of manoeuvrability with minimal effort

The built in diagnostics port allows for swift and easy maintenance procedures

Key features

Low height of 34cm reduces risks associated with patient falls and increases patient independence

The simultaneous operation of the cardiac chair and tilt functions combined with auto regression improves patient positioning, mobilisation and rehabilitation

Backrest and mattress angle indicators

Low height foot end to improve the visibility for the patient

The removable head and foot ends are also available in a number of colour options for ward management

Intuitive under bed iQ night light illuminates the floor around the bed, ensuring that the patient can safely enter and exit the bed, reducing risk

Movable catheter hooks can be placed in different locations around the bed for convenience and ease of use

Easy access manual cpr handle with cpr mechanism

Electric CPR is located on the nurse handset

Integral bed extension combines ease of use and functionality

Patient handset innovative design to ensure accessible location of handset for patient

The handset clip fits neatly around the side rail to reduce movement and potential damage, and to ensure the patient has accessibility where required

Blow moulded panels – durable, smooth, wipeable surface with perforations and channels to reduce liquid pooling

Triple function castors enable brake, free and track

Brake bar/pedal ensures easy access from head or side of the bed