Maxi 500

Lifting up a resident/patient that has fallen to the floor or transferring them out of bed into a chair can be a strenuous task.

But the Maxi 500™ is a versatile solution to a lot of these everyday lifting tasks.

Due to the speed and smoothness of the lifting action, the resident/patient feels safe and secure, and the caregiver is able to maintain the correct posture and avoid injury.

Making tasks easier and safer
This easy-to-use aid enables caregivers to handle everyday lifting and transfers comfortably, safely and without stress. In the event that a resident/patient should fall down, the Maxi 500 allows a single caregiver to lift them up from the floor without having to manually sit the resident/patient up.

System integration
The Maxi 500 also includes a suitable sling for the type of resident/patient and use. Sling solutions are available in a wide range of special purpose designs and sizes.

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