Odocare Odourless Waste Container


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Odocare Odourless Waste Container

The first odourless waste container – odours stemming from incontinence and wound materials are a problem in healthcare
It is not pleasant to be continuously confronted with incontinence odours, not just for yourself, but also for your colleagues, your clients, visitors and family
The odocare professional can be used for:
Incontinence waste
Wound material
Colostomy materials
Feminine hygiene products 
Hygienic and easy to use
Wide toss-in opening equipped with a disposable liner suitable for all sizes of incontinence waste materials
Operated with one hand
One handle operation no turning required
Odours are locked and sealed in the lower container
Bags are easily changed from the lower container without any manual lifting
Environmentally friendly patented design does not use chemicals, fluids, odour eaters or impregnated bags
Transportable with high quality castors and brake
EVOH bags need replacing 1 or 2 times per week
Wavetop bags should be replaced daily available in 45 or 75 litre capacity and a range of accessories

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