Sidhil Serenade 3 Cushion Only




Sidhil Serenade 3 Cushion (Cushion Only)

The Serenade 3 is a high specification cushion that is ideally suited for use in an acute hospital, nursing home or in the community environment

3 cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy cushion

Easy to use digital control system incorporating ‘alternating’ and ‘static’ modes with variable pressure settings

Automatic return from ‘static’ to ‘alternating’ mode after 1 hour without manual intervention

Unique ‘nurse’ mode lifts pressure quickly to highest setting for 20 minutes before returning it to original pressure setting

Easy to use ‘transport’ mode blanking plate

12 minute cycle time

Visible and audible alarm for low or high pressure, alternating failure and power down

Two way stretch, waterproof/vapour-permeable top cover

7 upper cells including 1 static front cell and 7 static bottom cells

Also incorporating unique G connector with safety catch feature

2 year warranty (parts and labour)

Medium/high risk as defined in EPUAP and NICE guidelines

Maximum user weight 110Kg (18 stone)

Suitable for use with trio ii thus avoiding the need to purchase an additional pump

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