Stayput Button – Read Write Button and Retainer




Stayput Button – Read Write Button and Retainer

Stayput Button – Read Write Button and Retainer
The Stayput Button is the new simple and effective way to label clothing
Ensuring residents wear their own clothing is an important part of who they are
Clothing is key to our personal identity and when a favourite shirt or jumper goes missing, or is mistakenly being worn by another resident it is
distressing for residents and their relatives
Most care homes operate in-house laundries and with thousands of items of clothing passing through the laundry on a regular basis, if the clothing is not sufficiently labelled then it is very difficult for it to be returned to the correct resident, especially as items of clothing can be similar
Carers then spend valuable time trying to locate and match clothing
Traditional methods such as using marker pen, sewing in, or ironing on name labels are very time consuming in today’s busy world and they do not always prove robust enough for the regular laundry process
Widely used in the care home industry the stayput solution has proved successful at reducing lost garments Quick and simple, stayput Buttons
are a quick and easy way to label clothing

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