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Grapevine Computer Access is a software application that helps people with physical disabilities to gain full access to a Windows™ computer, laptop or tablet – without needing to use a standard keyboard or mouse. It was developed in Ireland by a Computer Programmer and a Speech and Language Therapist who have combined their knowledge and experience to develop a high-quality, easy-to-use application.

This application has the power to improve quality of life through participation in employment, education, social media, entertainment and lots more.

Grapevine Assistive Technology is a not-for-profit organisation. The motivation for this project is not financial gain but simply a desire to help people with disabilities live better and more fulfilled lives. As such, we have kept our costs to a minimum and we are able to offer our software at a fair price.”


My name is Don and I suffer from ALS [MND]. I have been checking out your keyboard for a few weeks and I have enjoyed using it. I have the use of my right big toe and I use a Logitech trackball mouse to move the cursor. I am unable to push the mouse buttons any longer which prompted my search for a replacement.

You have created an excellent resource for me. Thank you.

Don Young


I find Grapevine much easier to use than the other on-screen keyboard that I had. It’s quicker, especially when you’re writing a letter or email. I use the click, repeat and drag [“Easy Clicks” mouse control features] for games and jigsaws… I find it very therapeutic! Thank you very much.

Mai Ryan


It was becoming impossible to use my computer’s keyboard as I lost strength due to a progressive neuromuscular condition [Muscular Dystrophy]. My fingers were weak and even with a wrist rest the edge of my hand kept hitting the space bar. Grapevine On Screen keyboard was the solution!..

I would strongly recommend anyone who is having a problem with their hands to try out Grapevine and I’m sure they will be as delighted as I am!

Audrey Baker


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